Saturday, April 18, 2009

Suck On This?!

Formula corporations make sure you think they know better than nature and that you are safest buying their products for your baby. They are very cunning and clever with their ad campaigns.
They entice you with images that make you feel safe, secure and modern as a parent.

Do you really think they care about your precious baby?
If it makes no CENTS for them it makes no sense.
Formula companies are only interested in your money which leads to their capital gain and control!

Do you even know what goes into formula?
How those ingredients are made?
Have you looked past the can of formula in your hand to see what is really behind it, what's really in it?
Have you looked past the fuzzy, warm commercials for real solid information about infant nutrition? NO!

Well of course not! You’ve been pumped full of misinformation your whole life about it!
You've been duped, bamboozled, hoodwinked! Flat out lied to.
Hell chances are you were probably pumped full of it as an infant yourself!

Well don’t worry I did it for you.
I waded through the nasty sludge of infant formula “science”. Yep thats right.
I followed the yellow brick road and uncovered one horrific truth after the other!
I am here to expose that nasty, toxic truth about what babies are sucking on!
I am here to say NO to those bloody corporations.
To tell them to STOP POISONING our infants STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE.
I am here to tell you to WAKE UP!

Infants are being poisoned, all at the hands of giant corporations, heck, we are all being poisoned.
Don't believe me?
That's okay, its a big bite to chew, I get that, but it doesn't change the facts.
My mission is to present those facts to you in hopes that you are encouraged to dig deeper, look further and make informed choices, especially when it comes to your precious baby and children.
You deserve to know the truth and more importantly your children deserve the very best start you can give them.
I will provide you with sources and links about infant nutrition.
I will guide you along as best as I can.
If you have any questions or comments please do post in the comment box, I will do my best to help you.
Please, if you have info share it here in the comments section as well, I want to learn.

Here is a list of some of the toxic chemicals that are present in infant formula

Free aspartic acid
Cyanuric acid

Shocking, I know.
Sicking, you bet.

So why are these TC's (toxic chemicals) in infant formula?
How could it be produced and sold?
Why aren't FF (formula fed) babies dying? (they are and some of the "healthy" ones have symptoms of slow poisoning)

Those are all very great questions and we will explore each toxic chemical in detail and even explore infant morality rates, infant nutrition through the years.

A quick summery of the answers are that all these TC's (toxic chemicals) are found in individual processing of the ingredients listed on the formula tins.
The solvents used to extract and produce the ingredients are laden with TC's.

For instance a very widely used sweetener that is used in nearly all processed foods from ketchup, candy to infant formula is HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Anything ending in "ose" like glucose fructose or dextrose etc are all HFCS re-named.
Sounds simple but it isn't, caustic soda containing mercury is used to separate the corn starch from the corn and that is how HFCS contains mercury.
Therefore infant formula containing HFCS or any other "ose"contains mercury.

Some Mercury poisoning symptoms include

Muscle weakness
Sound sensitivity
Neuromuscular impairments (facial twitching, pins and needles feeling, muscle atrophy)
Emotional effects include shyness, anger, mood swings etc.
ringing in ears

Makes you wonder why that baby with the formula bottle is really crying.

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