Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MSG is in Artificial Infant Milk/Infant Formula

Okay so theres MSG in formula, so what the heck is it, why is it there and what does it do to the human body?

Those are the very questions I asked my self and this is what I found while looking for those answers.

Simply put it is a drug, a very powerful drug that has very real and lasting effects on the human body. A drug used to enhance flavor and alter textures.

Why? On a very basic level it cuts costs of manufacturing the food by using less ingredients and its addictive quality causes the consumer to, well, consume more. MSG tricks the taste buds into believing you are consuming something good, fresh and tasty, when in fact you are not, therefore you eat more and they make more. Not surprisingly it is an industry favorite and is used in more food products than any other drug.
Heck even fields get sprayed with it.
The use of MSG isn’t limited to only foods though, because it is used as a binder and thickener it is used in personal hygiene products and medicines and it shows up there as “amino acids” or "hydrolyzed protein". Back to infant formula or as I prefer artificial infant milk: how does it show up in the artificial milk?

Below is a list of “hidden” names the industry uses to conceal the presence of MSG, it was taken from this web site http://www.curezone.com/foods/msg.asp

These ALWAYS contain MSG

If you have a can of formula grab it and check on the ingredients.

Glutamate Textured proteinMonosodium glutamate Hydrolyzed proteinMonopotassium glutamate (any protein that is hydrolyzed)Glutamic acid Yeast extractCalcium caseinate Yeast foodSodium caseinate Autolyzed yeastGelatin Yeast nutrientThese very OFTEN contain MSG:
Malt extract Flavors(s) & Flavoring(s)Malt flavoring Natural flavor(s) & flavoring(s)Barley malt Natural pork flavoringBouillon Natural beef flavoringStock Natural chicken flavoringBroth Seasonings (the word "seasonings")Carrageenan Soy sauceMaltodextrin Soy sauce extractWhey protein Soy proteinWhey protein isolate Soy protein isolateWhey protein concentrate Soy protein concentratePectin anything Protein fortifiedanything Enzyme modifiedThe following can be used to CREATE MSG:
Protease enzymes Protease Fungal protease Enzymes
Also look out for “flavor enhancers” “hydrolyzed vegetable proteins”, “autolyzed yeast”, “yeast extract”, “soy extract. For more names go here:

What does MSG do to the body?

MSG is a neurotoxin that causes brain lesions. In other words it causes brain damage which manifests in the body in a myriad of ways.
Here is a list of illness and ailments caused by MSG
Neurological disorders
Reproductive disorders
Neuroendicrine disorders
Irregular heart beat
Stunted growth
Skin rashes
Swelling of the body
Sleeping disorders
Learning disorders
Swelling of the tongue
Behavior disorders
Irritable bowel syndrome
Hyper activity
Joint pain

These are very real and very serious effects of MSG exposure or as I prefer to call it poisoning. There are many in-depth articles and studies published on the web and I encourage you to study MSG beyond my blog.

With just MSG alone being present in artificial infant foods/formula it would be enough to steer me clear of it.
I would think any parent considering the use of these “formulas” should think long and hard once they gain this knowledge, so pass it around.

The health of your baby and future generations depend on us, here, now to pave the way so let’s make that path a better place to be.

We all learned to “Just say NO to drugs” in school and we need recognize drugs in our food and the food of our children“Just say NO to infant formula.”

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